Tankless Instant Electric Hot Water Heater System Instant Hot Water Shower Heat


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LCD digital temperature display.
Safe and intelligent, no water flow stops heating.
Automatic power off when leakage.
3 seconds that is hot, really thermostat without waiting.
It heats water as the water passes thru the unit, instant heating.
Easy to install under the bathroom or kitchen sink for shower, washing dishes, food, clothes and other functions.
Safe heater, electricity saving, water saving, no pollution, no exhaust gas.
Leakage protection, IPX4 waterproof, Dry heating protection, Water-electricity isolation, Auto power off at inactive state, Over-temperature automatic power off.
Fine workmanship and good performance.
Installation method: hanging
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 50Hz
Rated power: 3500W
Temperature peak: 55��
Package Included:
1 X Water Heater
1 X Shower Head
1 X Bracket
1 X Inlet Pipe
1 X Shower Hose
1 X Regulator
2 X Nail Free Glue
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