Sleep Well Flip-Sided Euro Zero Disturbance Mattress Queen


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Amazing Support

The mattress is made with wave foam for added breathability to make going to bed the most peaceful part of the day, even during the warmer months. Euro top padding adds another layer of comfort to the bed which makes it a perfect choice for those who are experiencing back discomfort.

The Zone system allows your weight to be distributed evenly across the mattress in order to provide each part of your body with the same support. This ensures that parts of your body such as your lower back receive quality support and treatments, which in turn helps promote spinal alignment and reducing pressure at different points.

Quality Materials

After the first night’s sleep, you’ll fall in love with the softness of the premium quality Belgian knit fabric. Inside the mattress itself has a premium grade thickness that extends the support and performance of its lifespan even further. You won’t have to go out and buy another mattress for a very, very long time. The finish is allergen-free, anti-dust mite and contains zero harmful chemicals. You won’t get the smell that other mattresses in a box come with when purchased online.


Double-sided use
Two-types of firmness
Euro Top Design
Enhanced 6-turn coil
Medium-firm support
6 working turns coil system
Zero partner disturbance
Wave Foam/Egg-shaped foam
Hypo-allergenic materials
Zero Harmful Chemicals
Firmness: 5.5/10 and 6.5/10 on the 2nd side
Thickness: 31cm
Queen – 203 x 153

Package Content:

1 x Sleep Well Flip-Sided Euro Zero Disturbance Mattress Queen

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Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 203 × 153 × 31 cm


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