Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat D Cover Bathroom Dual Nozzle Spray Water Wash


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D shape toilet seat
Washing function
Posterior and feminie wash, water is sprayed from the nozzle for women, carefully cleaned to prevent bacterial infection
Adjustable flush volume
Soft-closing design
One-click rotation
Dual nozzle for buttock and bidet washing
Retractable nozzle, when cleaning, the nozzle moves back and forth to expand the cleaning range and enhance the cleaning effect.
Self-cleaning nozzle
Hygienic and antibacterial
Quickly install and press down the screw
Suitable for all users
Easy installation and disassemble

Material: PP
color: White
Product Category: Bathroom Accessories

Package Included:
1 X Bidet Toilet Seat
1 X Water Pipe
2 X Screws
1 X Adapter
1 X Mount
2 X Expansion nuts
2 X Spacers
2 X Other accessories

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 52 × 38 × 10 cm



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