LSG GBH-300 Power Rack + GBN-006 14-Level FID Exercise Bench


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Engineered to endure a large max weight of up to 180kg, the GBH-300 Power Rack will support the heaviest lifts for any home gym or fitness studio. Includes Adjustable J Hooks to suit a wide range of strength workouts and easy to use spot bars which ensure your safety. Additional features of the GBH-300 let you add chin-ups and dips to your routine, or increase resistance with the resistance band pegs.

Built for Barbell Squats, Bench Press
Allows J-Hooks on outside or inside of rack
Allows body weight exercises like dips and chin ups
Compatible with Standard 6ft and Olympic 7ft Barbells
Compatible with resistance bands via band pegs

Occupancy Size: 137cm x 147cm x 210cm (L x W x H)

Structure Technical
1x GBH-300 Power Rack
1x GBN-006 14-Level FID Exercise Bench

Warranty Information: 12 Months Parts replacement warranty

Additional information

Weight 89 kg
Dimensions 208 × 33 × 17 cm



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