LSG 2-in-1 Dumbbell Barbell Set with Case 30kg


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Target your chest, biceps, arms, triceps, back muscles and more with the 30kg Dumbbell and Barbell 3-in-1 Set. Switch between dumbbell and barbell workouts with the connecting rod and weight plates to diversify your home workout. Modify your dumbbell or barbell to your desired weight with the 2.5kg and 1.5kg weight plates, simply load and unload weights as often as you like.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Spiral Lock Collars
Chrome Plated for Durability
Connecting rod

Dumbbell Handle Length: 34.5cm
Connecting Rod Length: 34.5cm
2.5kg Weight Plate Diameter: 15.5cm
1.5kg Weight Plate Diameter: 12.5cm

Set Inclusions
2x Dumbbell Handles
1x Connecting Rod
4x Spiral Lock Collars
8x 2.5kg Plates
4x 1.5kg Plates

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 42 × 21 × 32 cm



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