High Pressure Water Spray Broom Car Chassis Undercarriage Cleaner Washer 4000PSI


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– Chassis cleaning mode: easy to clean and avoid crawling under the vehicle. Chassis washing machines are used to clean road dirt, oil and fuel pollution under trucks, SUVs, automobiles, commercial vehicles and trailers. It can be used as a carriage-powered washing machine.
– Water broom mode: The accessory of the high-pressure cleaner surface cleaner can be used to clean the surface quickly, easily and evenly. Electric washing machine surface cleaners are perfect for removing loose debris (sand, leaves, light soil) on sidewalks, driveways, decks, etc.

Working pressure: 1500-4000psi
Undercarriage Cleaner size: 16 inches (about 40.6cm)

Package Included:
1 x Undercarriage Cleaner,
2 x Straight extension wand
1 x 90 degree curved wand

How to switch modes:
Pull out the nut of the pivot connector at the end of the cleaner. Then rotate the pivot coupling to the end. Finally, the nut will lock automatically.

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