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[Large Battery Capacity]
Large capacity battery of 1250mAh, fully charged can be used 15-18 times; USB charging and Type-C cable is convenient.
[Free Control Of Thickness]
Adjustable coarseness, the finest can grind 30 mesh (>90%) of coffee powder
[Large Capacity]
It can grind about 25g of coffee beans at one time, Powder silo capacity is 125ml
[Ceramic Grinding Core]
Ceramic grinding core is not easy to heat up, reduce flavor loss, reduce the odor produced by extraction, and maintain the flavor of coffee beans.
[Easy To Operate]
One button to open and close, grinding will automatically stop when there is no coffee beans, suitable for most people to use
This product weighs 0.4Kg, is light and convenient, and is suitable for one person to use or to carry out. Both the bean and powder bins are washable (can be washed in the dishwasher).

Material: Plastic ABS, copper motor, PC
Color: White
Size: 18.5*7.4CM diameter
Weight: 0.4KG
Packing size: 20*9.2*9CM
Rated voltage/power: 3.7V/13W
Battery specifications: 3.7V, 1250mAh
Maximum charging current: 1A
Grinding weight: 25g coffee beans
Powder warehouse capacity: 120ML
Use environment temperature: -10~40C
Relative humidity: 10%~95%
Charging time: 200-240 minutes

Packing List:
1* Coffee Grinder (Host)
1* Cleaning Brush
1* USB TYPE-C Charging Cable
1* English User Manual
1* Packing Box

Blue light flashing: working
Red light flashing: insufficient power
Red light: charging
Blue light: fully charged

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 8 × 8 cm



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