Boat Fuel Filter Fuel Water Separator Mercury/Yamaha -MARINE/OUTBOARD 10 Micron


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The o-ring does not compress and allow the filter to touch the housing, which then creates a leak. The O-rings are excellent quality.
-Thread Type / Size: Mercury Thread 11/16″ 16 T.P.I
-head: Aluminum. fittings: brass
– Interchangeable With: MERC 35-60494-1
1.Keeping a clean fuel filter in your vehicle can reduce damage done to your engine and other fuel delivery components. This 10 micron fuel filter can screens out dirt, rust and other particles from the fuel, ensuring a steady flow of clean fuel for optimal engine performance
2.Outstanding filtration matters, that is why our fuel water separator are crafted from high-grade filter medium that provide maximum filtration and minimal flow restriction. Deliver increased flow and efficiency that are demanded in the fuel system
3.The outboard fuel filter has went through rigorously testing so that you will get a fairly reliable fuel filter, features anticaustic housing, multi-layer filter and superior sealing components to ensure leakage resistance and extreme durability under various operating conditions
Draining of water or replacement of element is determined by contamination level of fuel. Inspect the collection bowl for water daily and service as necessary. Replace element at least once a year or when a decrease of power is noticed.
To Drain Water
1. Loosen self-venting drain plug to drain water from bowl into a container.
2. Tighten drain.
3. Use primer bulb to fill filter with fuel.
4. Start engine and check ensure there are no leaks.
To Replace Element
1. Loosen self-venting drain plug and drain the element into a container.
2. Remove filter element from mounting bracket with bowl connected.
3. Remove bowl from filter element and clean o-ring gland on bowl. BOWL IS REUSABLE * DO NOT DISCARD.
4. Lubricate o-ring with oil or grease and install on bowl.
5. Install bowl onto new element, tighten by hand.
6. Lubricate filter top seal with oil or grease.
7. Fill filter/bowl assemble with clean fuel and attach onto mounting bracket, tighten by hand.
8. Start engine and check to ensure there are no leaks.

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