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The Aromatherapy Clinic Immune Booster is a very powerful blend, designed to reinforce the body€™s own system against viral and bacterial vulnerability.

This essential oil blend can help to reduce hay fever, cold and flu symptoms. It is also highly recommended for people with allergies and Eczema as these conditions are often influenced by immune deficiency.

The Immune Booster is a quite strong blend therefore it is recommended to be applied to feet only especially for people with sensitive skin. Apply and massage the oil well into the skin once a week as a prevention against illness or twice a day if you are ill.

This product is a 10 mL bottle of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil, ready for application.

As any other essential oil blend it should be tested first on a small area of skin around the ankles. If a skin reaction appears, the blend should be diluted 1:1 with any cold pressed carrier oil. After initial dilution if skin reaction still appears, dilute the blend further or discontinue use.

Branded display boxes to fit either 6 or 12 bottles are available. Unlabelled bottles are also available for white labelling upon request.

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