AHC Korea Capture Turnover 28 Bottles Hyaluronic Ampoule Set + Peeling Ampoule x4


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This intensive care ampoule set solves skin problems with keratin care once a week and 28 days of ampoule use.
Hyaluronic ampoule containing collagen and grain fermentation ingredients to supplement skin nutrition, intensive care, firming and anti-wrinkle.


A moisturizing serum that fills your skin with powerful moisturization all day long.
The fermented complex improves power of original skin to take care of vitality.
The vegetable soothing ingredients sooth the skin against external stimulation to remain as healthy as it can be. In addition, Your skin will look more moisturized, plump, radiant, and beautiful.
Free of parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrance, alcohol, and mineral oil.
Contains AHA, BHA, and PHA ingredients, which can gently exfoliate the skin. Make the rough skin surface smooth and soften the skin texture, and realize SPA care with simple home care.

How to use

Use a Hyaluronic ampoule once per day consecutively for 28 days.
Use a Peeling ampoule once every week for 4 weeks.
Peeling Ampoule:
Gently rub the entire face with the cotton swab with the peeling ampoule on the entire face except for the eye area and the wound area.
Leave it for 10 minutes and finish with Hyaluronic / Collagen Ampoule without wiping.
Hyaluronic Ampoule :
Apply a small amount of the product evenly to the skin after cleansing and toner step.
Then, message gently.

Package Include

Hyaluronic Ampoule 2.5ml x 28 bottles
Peeling Ampoule 0.9g x 4 pcs

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 16 × 4 cm

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