64G 4K 10000+ Retro Games Stick TV Video Game Console HDMI 2 Wireless Controller


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Only need to connect the game console to the TV interface, the USB power supply data cable into the host, the TV source is adjusted to the corresponding high-definition channel to display the game list screen on the TV, and the handle is placed in the battery to remote control, that is Plug and play, simple and generous, easy to operate.

Game history, game registration list, sorted by game entry time.

Game collection, you can use the r2 button to collect or collect the games you like.

Game search, based on complete English game or keyword query, first Chinese letter matching game query.

Game settings, key sound settings, view local files, restore default settings, system information, output settings.

Smooth lines, simple and generous design, plug and play, with wireless handle, wireless control range up to 8 meters. Compared with short-wired wired handles, wireless handles avoid getting close to the TV and protect your eyes more effectively.

The product does not have a battery. When using it, put two AAA batteries into the handle.


Including: PS1 / MAME / SFC / FC / GBA / GB / GBC / MD simulator games.

CPU: dual-core cortex-A7

HD output: Support 4k ultra-high-definition TV video output (1080p / 720p) and monitors and projectors with HDMI input.

Language: Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English

Package Included:

1 X Game Console

2 X Wireless Handle

1 X Wireless Signal Receiver

1 X USB Charging Data Cable

1 X Memory Card Package (64G)

1 X Signal Extension Cable

1 X English Manual


Please do not delete the contents of the card at will. Please backup to the computer before deleting the contents of the card.

Once the package was dispatched we won’t accept RTS(return to seller) requests, please note it.

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