50000RPM Electric Cordless Air Duster Car Vacuum Cleaner Keyboard Cleaner Blower


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– 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, inflator, blower and vacuum cleaner. This product is equipped with a variety of accessories and can be used multiple times.
– Slim nozzle makes cleaning corners or out of reach easier. Suitable for keyboards, computer cases, car seats. The inflatable function can serve your inflatable bed and sofa.
-Scientific ergonomic design makes it very easy to use, you will no longer hold the cold can when blowing things. Much more convenient/economical than constantly buying canned air.
– The nozzle is detachable, making better use of space, and can be cleaned and environmentally friendly.
– 120W high power, long time dust removal, 50000r speed.
– Built-in 6000mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery makes this electric air work continuously.
– Small and portable. Easy to use and easy to move.
– Gale. Quickly clean up dust and bacteria, clean without dead ends.

Model: YMG-810
Color: White
Material: ABS
Size: 233*155*60mm
Motor: brushless motor
Interface mode: TYPE-C interface
Input voltage: DC5V/2A
Lithium battery battery capacity: 3*2000MAH
Rated power: MAX 120W
Charging time: 3H
Length of power cord: about 1m
Working temperature: -10C~50C

Instructions for use:
1. Please insert the USB charging cable into the USB charging port of the blower, the red light flashes when charging, and the red light is always on when fully charged.
2. Press and hold the dust blowing key “*” to turn on the 3S, the default is gear 1, press it again for gear 2, and touch it for the third time to turn off gear.
3. This machine uses a lithium-ion battery, which can be charged at any time (but does not support charging while charging), and it is not necessary to wait until the battery is depleted before charging. Keep the battery charged at any time, which is beneficial to prolong the battery life.
5. When the product is working, the fan blades will rotate at high speed. It is strictly forbidden to put foreign objects into the product, otherwise the machine may be damaged.
6. During the charging process, if the red light flashes when the charging cable is unplugged, it needs to be plugged and unplugged again.

Package Included:
1 x Blowing dust
1 x Vacuum side
1 x Bir mattress inflatable cover
1 x Blowpipe sleeve
1 x Brush blowpipe
1 x Swimming ring inflatable sleeve
1 x Washable filter
1 x Dust cover
1 x Arrow blowpipe
1 x Vacuum cleaner
1 x Vacuum tube short brush

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