48-Pieces SAE and Metric Thread Restorer Kit Fractional Metric Thread Restorer


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  • Contains 7 SAE coarse and fine dies, 6 coarse and fine taps, 10 metric taps and dies, 1 metric file, and 1 SAE rethread file.
  • Sizes for All Metric Dies and Taps. M6 x 1.00.M8 x 1.25. M10 x 1.M10 x 1.25. M10 x 1.50. M11x1.50.M12 x 1.25. M12 x 1.50. M12 x1.75.M14x1.50MM.
  • Rethreading tools are color marked for fast identification.SAE coarse dies size:1/4”-20,5/16”-18,3/8”-16,7/16”-14,1/2”-13,9/16-12,5/8”-11.fine dies sizes:1/4”-28,5/16”-24,3/8”-24,7/16”-20,1/2”-20,9/16”-18,5/8”-18.
  • High tempereture makes tough and durable and hex shaped is useful with socket and wrench.SAE coarse taps sizes:1/4”-20,5/16”-18,3/8”-16,7/16”-14,1/2”-13,9/16-12.fine taps sizes:1/4”-28,5/16”-24,3/8”-24,7/16”-20,1/2”-20,9/16”-18,
  • Packed in Blow Mold Case. oneThread File – 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 18. 20 and 24;another Thread File – 0.75,1,1.25,1.5,1.75,2,2.5,3MM.

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