117PCS Deutsch Kit DT 2 Way Series Connector Plug Waterproof Auto Marine DT 2Pin


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Deutsch DT Series 2-way Connectors

Deutsch DT series connectors are perfect for your power application requirements. Deutsch DT series offer proven reliability and rugged quality. DT series connectors accept size 16 contacts each with a 13-amp continuous capacity.

Key Features

�� Accepts size 16 contacts

�� 14-20 AWG cable

�� Operating temperature -55C to +125C

�� Strong thermoplastic housing

�� Integrated latch for mating

�� Wedge locks to assure contacts aligned and retained

�� Silicone seals

Material Specifications

�� Grommet material: Silicone rubber

�� Receptacle seal: Silicone rubber

�� Housing: Thermoplastic

�� Insert retainer: Thermoplastic

�� Wedge locks: Thermoplastic

Deutsch DT connectors stand up to harsh environments common in Industrial, Marine, Automotive, 4×4 and Heavy equipment applications.

DT Kit Contents

�� 15X DT 2-way Male Receptacle with wedge lock

�� 15X DT 2-way Female Receptacle with wedge lock

�� 30X #16 Pin Male contacts 14-20AWG

�� 30X #16 Pin Female contacts 14-20AWG

�� 5X DT Mounting Clip

3XDust Plug


�� 1X 6 Compartment Organizer

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 13.3 × 13.3 cm


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