100PCS 15*20cm Fruit Net Bags Agriculture Garden Vegetable Protection Mesh Insect Proof


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1.High Quality Material: Our garden fruit protection bags, made from high quality organza, are breathable, hard wearing and reusable and will hide your fruit from birds, bugs and squirrels.
2.Easy to Use: The drawstring design of the fruit bag allows the bag to close tightly and is easy to open and close, providing excellent protection.
3.Breathable: The mesh barrier bag facilitates air exchange to the fruit tree and does not allow condensation to form quickly, causing spoilage and deterioration of the fruit.
4.Protecting the Fruit of Your Labor: Mesh barrier bags will effectively protect your plants from insects, birds, squirrels and other animals, keeping your plants healthy and growing.
5.Multi-purpose Application: Garden mesh bags are designed to protect your dragon fruit, peaches, mangoes, grapes, figs, tomatoes, pomegranates, persimmons, aubergines and other vegetables and flowers keeping your plants healthy.

Color: Green
Material: Organza

Package including:
100 * Fruit Protection Bags

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